Termite Protection

There is a wealth of information about termites online Including, billions of dollars spent in repairing termite damage, and hundreds of thousands of homes infested by termites.
If you want to learn more about the treat of termites, click the link below. We at HomeShield of Nashville ,TN are here to provide solutions, not bore you with endless statistics.

Termite Awareness Facts

HomeShield uses the most advanced termiticide delivery system available, Termidor HP II in Nashville, TN. This machine delivers exactly the right amount of product to protect your home best from termites. It also accomplishes total protection while also causing less disruption to the landscaping around your home.

Your home is one of your most important assets. As such, only the most effective, and advanced methods should be used to protect it. HomeShield uses a liquid treatment that creates a continuous barrier that protects your home from every angle, without any critical gaps in coverage.

Discover The Termidor HP II System

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